Winners and Losers

This will be a monthly (or more frequently, based on breaking news) synopsis of Brand “winners and losers;” companies and individuals who strengthen or weaken their Brands and why. In all of it there will be important lessons that can help you strengthen your own Brand. I will, of course, add my two cents worth based on my experience over the years. I’ll consistently tie it all to a connection between one’s Brand and one’s Values and of course, the bottom line implications of all of it.

Building and sustaining Brand strength is like river rafting:  Periods of serenity, laying back, enjoying the moment; and then – the rapids.  You may get an adrenalin rush; but unlike river rafting, that rush comes from the danger of losing – a little market share, a little money, your job, your reputation.

Winners and Losers will embody my definition of a Brand: A widely held set of beliefs and expectations about what you deliver and how you deliver it, validated by customers experiences.

 As always, I welcome your comments.

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