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Strengthening Your Internal Brand


It’s difficult to create great Brand Ambassadors when 70 per cent of your employees hate their jobs. A recent Gallup study finds that 70 per cent of American employees either hate or are totally uninterested in their jobs. Of that group, 18 per cent are actively disengaged. They’re looking for new jobs on the Internet […]

Every Clothing Brand With Goods Made In Bangladesh – Aided And Abetted By The American Public


Eleven hundred and twenty seven factory workers confirmed dead and the search for more has ended; people buried under the rubble of corruption made possible by every government agency who looked the other way (and will in all likelihood continue to do so); every company that forces their contractors to cut costs to levels that […]

A Reader’s Questions – How Does Size Change The Approach To Brand?


Recently I received the following message from Kathi Frank (http://KateWritesRight.com). Hello again Bill, I am about half way through your book and find it quite powerful for corporations. The need to holistically approach customer engagement is obviously critical to business success. My business approaches the scenario from a totally different angle and I would appreciate […]