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Brands Behaving Badly – Lessons From The Affordable Care Act For Everyone


Well, Washington has given us yet another poster child for bad Brand behavior. The recent meltdown in the launch of the website for on-line enrollment to obtain health insurance required under the Affordable Care Act has shone a spotlight of Brand incompetence brighter than all the lights on Broadway. The technical problems, most of which were avoidable had the project been properly managed from the get-go, were only compounded by the behavior of the players in response to the web-site problems, from the President on down.

Elite Listening and Brand Strength


What we don’t understand, we fear.
What we fear, we attack.

When we attack, we don’t just attack the “thing;”
we also attack the people who support the “thing.”
When we attack the people, we must “win.”

When we must “win,” our attack shifts to the people who favor the “thing.” Reason, understanding, listening to learn, empathy, and compromise have no place in our mind our our heart. Those qualities are seen as weakness – or worse – signs of our own ineptitude.