Searching For Society’s Sanity

If you disagree with me, you are my sworn enemy. If you have a different solution than mine to a commonly acknowledged problem, you are guilty of trying to destroy our very existence. If I want centralized control and you favor decentralization, then you are a contemptible criminal – to be punished and destroyed.

If you do a good deed or accomplish a goal we both share, the mere fact that it is you and not me that did it means that I must disclaim that thing, that noble deed, that worthy goal – and label both you and the goal as evil.

What Values do I hold that would make me behave this way?

If I interacted in this way with my family how would we function? How would we stay together? How could I possibly relate to my children?

If my business or the company for whom I work behaved in this way, how could we possibly solve our problems, exploit our opportunities, or relate to our customers? What would be our Values? What would be our Brand? How quickly would we be out of business?

It is impossible for any organization, family or individual to behave in this insanely dysfunctional manner and still continue to exist. Yet, we have a Congress that has done it, and appears intent on continuing along that path.

How do we the people put an end to this insanity? What are your thoughts, your solutions?

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