samsungIt took a while, but they listened. They finally understand that customers buy experiences, not products. They understand that they’re not just selling the latest package of mobile communication technology.

Last week Samsung announced that they are quickly putting a “store-within-a-store” at 900 Best Buy locations around the country, with plans to add another 500 during the summer months.

Samsung is making a legitimate effort to connect with customers on a human level. They’ll create experiences that give customers a sense of trust in Samsung’s commitment to educate and interact with their customers, to solve technical problems on site (in some locations) with trained Samsung representatives (similar in concept to Apple’s Genius Bar).

Samsung seems to be making a genuine commitment to create relationships, and not just rely on a series of transactions.

Of course, the jury is out until the performance is delivered and proven. But if it works, the folks at Apple have something and someone in the marketplace that will test Apple’s ability to lead.

The Lessons: 

  1. Always define and develop your Brand strategy around the experiences and results you want to create and achieve.
  2. Don’t wait until your customers and potential customers have to tell you what should be obvious. If you want to be a major player, you must “get it” before your customers’ do.
  3. When you get your arms around the need and the opportunity, execute quickly.
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