Residential real estate is, arguably, the most intrapreneurial industry in the country. The vast majority of REALTORS and agents operate as independent contractors.The brokerages and agencies under whose banners they operate provide a range of support services and perform needed administrative functions. All of that enables REALTORS to do what they do best – help people buy and sell homes. REALTORS cultivate relationships with new clients and sustain relationships with existing clients.

The ability of any REALTOR to create and sustain relationships is a cornerstone of their long-term viability. In that real-life scenario, [pq align=right]the Real Estate brokerage firm does NOT guarantee a REALTOR’S success, they support it[/pq]. Each REALTOR is responsible for their own results. And in the process of performing, each and every REALTOR creates and communicates her and his own individual BRAND. They may do it consciously or unconsciously, in a disciplined or undisciplined way, using a variety of tools and techniques or by just getting out there and talking to people.

And if you are a REALTOR, whether you are consciously aware of it or not, that Brand – your Brand – is a widely held set of beliefs and expectations about what you deliver and how you deliver it, validated by clients’ experiences.

So here’s a question for all REALTORS. In one paragraph or less, how would you define your individual Brand? The mere act of giving this question some serious thought and writing it down in a concise, thoughtful way will give you some valuable insights.

And I think that posting answers to this question will stimulate comments and observations and inspire some good discussion and valuable ideas to help strengthen your Brand and your business. Have at it. Thanks.

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