Hello everyone,

Sorry I’ve been away these last few months. I’ve been putting the finishing touches on Brand Delusions. And I’m excited to announce that it comes out November 1st. It will be available on Amazon.com in soft cover and Kindle eBook versions.

I’ve spent the last 35 plus years as a strategic consultant for companies large and small, in a broad range of industries, ranging from manufacturing, retailing, distribution, franchising, services and professions.

Brand Delusions was forged from the situations I’ve witnessed, the lessons I’ve learned, and the principles and practices I have put into place to help companies and individuals strengthen their Brands. The book takes a look at modern company culture through the lens of a fictional story. You will see Brands from the perspectives of the various functions in an organizational hierarchy. You will learn what it takes to blend those perspectives, transition a corporate culture to make everyone a Brand Ambassador and reap the real-world benefits of doing that.

I’m gearing back up with the blog here again where you can find thoughts, case studies, and musings about so many of the often overlooked but critically important elements that impact your Brand. My purpose is to illustrate and expand on the themes in the book to give you fresh perspective, ideas, and insights to continuously strengthen your Brand.

And I thank you in advance for contributing your own ideas and experiences to help make this site an important resource for building and sustaining Brand strength.

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