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More Lessons From Rutgers


The other shoe has dropped. This morning Tim Pernetti, the now former Athletic Director presented his resignation letter to Robert Barchi, the president of Rutgers University. That was the whistle that started the “Blame Game.” According to a news article, Pernetti said that he wanted to fire Mike Rice back in November 2012 when he […]

Lessons From Rutgers


If it was called Rutgers Basketball Academy instead of Rutgers University, they might be filing for bankruptcy right now. Lucky for them that basketball is only a small part of the total university program. The recent airing of a YOUTube video showing Mike Rice, the men’s basketball coach, shoving players, throwing basketballs at them, and unleashing verbal […]

Les Miserables and Personal Brands – going to extremes to achieve a Vision


Les Miserables is, arguably, one of the best musicals of all time. Now it has become one of the finest motion pictures ever made. That achievement goes beyond music, money and talent. The effort and commitment underlying this production speaks volumes about what is possible with a vision, with people who share common values about […]

My Mission – Let’s Grow Together


My primary purpose is to add value to your business and your life ­­­– by exploring, examining, discussing, and asking questions to learn more about your Brands – both business and personal. The foundation of my philosophy about Brands is contained in the messages in my book: Brand Delusions. Here’s the nutshell definition: Your Brand […]