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A Reader’s Questions – How Does Size Change The Approach To Brand?


Recently I received the following message from Kathi Frank ( Hello again Bill, I am about half way through your book and find it quite powerful for corporations. The need to holistically approach customer engagement is obviously critical to business success. My business approaches the scenario from a totally different angle and I would appreciate […]

An Independent Review of Brand Delusions


Kirkus Reviews has just published their independent review of Brand Delusions. For those of you who may not know, Kirkus is a well established, credible, independent book review organization with a solid reputation in the publishing and media worlds. Here it is. TITLE INFORMATION BRAND DELUSIONS Exploding the myths and helping you improve your Brand […]



Residential real estate is, arguably, the most intrapreneurial industry in the country. The vast majority of REALTORS and agents operate as independent contractors.The brokerages and agencies under whose banners they operate provide a range of support services and perform needed administrative functions. All of that enables REALTORS to do what they do best – help […]