Hello everyone,

Sorry I’ve been away these last few months. I’ve been putting the finishing touches on Brand Delusions. And I’m excited to announce that it comes out November 1st. It will be available on Amazon.com in soft cover and Kindle eBook versions. I’ve spent the last 35 plus years as a strategic consultant for companies large […]


Residential real estate is, arguably, the most intrapreneurial industry in the country. The vast majority of REALTORS and agents operate as independent contractors.The brokerages and agencies under whose banners they operate provide a range of support services and perform needed administrative functions. All of that enables REALTORS to do what they do best – help […]

My Mission – Let’s Grow Together

My primary purpose is to add value to your business and your life ­­­– by exploring, examining, discussing, and asking questions to learn more about your Brands – both business and personal. The foundation of my philosophy about Brands is contained in the messages in my book: Brand Delusions. Here’s the nutshell definition: Your Brand […]