A Reader’s Questions – How Does Size Change The Approach To Brand?

Recently I received the following message from Kathi Frank (http://KateWritesRight.com).

Hello again Bill,

I am about half way through your book and find it quite powerful for corporations. The need to holistically approach customer engagement is obviously critical to business success.

My business approaches the scenario from a totally different angle and I would appreciate some feedback from you.

My target client is a solo or small business. Instead of making the effort to distribute the ‘brand’ to a large organization, my clients are attempting to uncover their own brand. Because of the demands of today’s customer, they must also move beyond the artificially created image-based brand touted in past years.

From my perspective, it seems that your client must balance the distribution of brand to all parts of the company. My client must dig deep into an internal dialogue to communicate to current and potential customers. I believe that type of differentiation gives them a chance to take advantage of the customer’s newly empowered attitude toward business.

Do you think I am on the right track? My opinions are based on observation and a gut-level guidance system. I don’t have statistics to support them.

I appreciate your wisdom and experience.

Give and take care,



I will attempt to address the issues, questions and concerns you raise. But before I do, I invite any and all responses that readers of this post may have. This is a good foundational piece for an expansive discussion of just what a Brand means to organizations of all sizes AND individuals facing essentially the same challenges and opportunities as an organization, large or small.


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