Brand Delusions

Brand Delusions

Bill Leider

Publication Date: Nov. 1, 2012
Length: 222 pages
ASIN: 123456789

Available in Paperback and Kindle format from Amazon

Brand Delusions takes you on a life altering journey of discovery that will help give new meaning and strength to your brand and, in the process, may change the way every individual who reads it looks at themselves. Brand strength requires more than name recognition and clever messages. “Your Brand is a widely held set of beliefs and expectations about what you deliver and how you deliver it,” writes Bill Leider. That definition is brought to life via an engaging, penetrating story of the struggle and the awakening of a company and its people. It’s based on lessons learned and successful strategies implemented over the last thirty years of Leider’s life as an executive and a strategic consultant to companies of all sizes, in many industries throughout the country.

This book brings its readers a unifying platform for enlightened change that could only have come from someone who has been there, seen it, felt it, done it, conquered it and grown from it. Bill Leider is that person.


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