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  • Values In America

    In November 2016 Hillary Clinton won the popular vote – by about 1.5 million votes – while decisively losing the electoral vote (the one that matters). The system is unfair, cry many Hillary supporters. It’s time to change the system. Maybe, maybe not. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote in New York and California by […]

  • Why I Don’t Like Movements

    Movements, for the most part, are leaderless masses of energy that are, at best, inefficient and at worst, destructive to the causes they espouse. Here’s why. Social change movements deliver this message to the government agency(s) whose practices they oppose: We have a problem. You caused it – and you must fix it. The government […]

  • Apologies – Some Are and Some Aren’t

    I’ve been thinking a lot about apologies and their connection to values, given what’s been going on throughout society. Business and government scandals prompt epic quasi apologies. The rape at Stanford University and the response from a young man who refuses to take responsibility for his actions is pathetic. And there’s the Presidential campaign. Good grief. […]